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Kim Schuchardt, Physician Assistant (PA), Registered Nurse (RN), Laser Specialist

Facial Restoration Expert Kim SchuchardtPresident and C.E.O., Lasting SkinSolutions®
Founder and Director, “Facial RestoreTM Institute”
Facial and Skin Restoration Expert
Master Injector

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Kim Schuchardt, President and C.E.O. of Lasting SkinSolutions®, and Director of the “Facial Restore™ Institute,” became a Registered Nurse in 1985. After graduating from nursing school, she continued to pursue her medical studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Physician Assistant Program. The Medical Board of Wisconsin licensed her as a Certified Physician Assistant in 1988. The following 12 years were spent progressively advancing her skills in the field of orthopedic surgery.  During this time, Kim applied her natural eye for creating symmetry to create beautiful results in surgery. As her medical knowledge and hand dexterity for surgical techniques advanced, Kim began to envision what could be possible in the arena of non-surgical techniques for facial and skin treatments. Most importantly, Kim was developing an inner drive, which sets her apart from the crowd: sincere passion for helping others improve their self-image and confidence through advanced non-surgical facial restoration techniques. Kim’s compassionate nature, artistic eye, and years of medical and surgical training combine to give her a distinct perspective and edge in the field of aesthetic medicine.

With this distinctive set of characteristics, Kim founded Lasting SkinSolutions® in 1999. It was her vision to create a state-of-the-art clinic, which would provide effective non-surgical alternatives to contemporary cosmetic surgery techniques. She began her endeavor just as baby boomers began striving to maintain their healthy youthful good looks. In addition, exponential developments were taking place in the arena of specialty FDA lasers to treat various skin needs. Kim worked with the industry leaders to develop improved clinical uses for these lasers. At the same time, major advances were being made in FDA dermal relaxers and fillers. Since the beginning, Kim has constantly been sought as an authoritative influence and innovator to the major pharmaceutical firms, as she and a select group of leaders continually develop the ‘art’ of the industry – the best techniques and application of products to create lasting, impressive visual results.

Kim is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for each individual at the minimum cost. She accomplishes these goals through honest, compassionate, personalized analysis and treatment.  Her practice is engaged in continuous process improvement, utilizing the very best products, technical advancements, and applications available. Her lifelong learning philosophy has sent Kim and her staff around the country in search of newer and better products and techniques. 

Kim’s past national exposure were in the form of praise on NBC, ABC, and the Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as being featured in many magazines including the cover of Wisconsin Woman. Kim has been interviewed, as an expert in her profession is such magazines as Anew, Brava and Madison Magazine.

In late 2010, Kim put her life-long commitment to education into action, opening the Facial Restore™ Institute in Madison, Wisconsin. The Facial Restore™ Institute is the Midwest’s only training institute for medical professionals who want to learn noninvasive cosmetic procedures. As Director of the Facial Restore™ Institute, Kim shares her creativity and ingenuity as a teacher, mentor, and facial restoration expert. Kim offers professional instruction in innovative injection techniques, including her trademarked, ground breaking technique, the “Airbrush FaceLift®.” Kim is currently working on completing the writing of a book exploring medical aesthetics and her revolutionary Airbrush FaceLift® technique.