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Richard Neils, MD

Certified Dermatologist MadisonDr. Neils, a Board Certified Wisconsin Dermatologist is the Medical Director of Lasting SkinSolutions®. Dr. Neils has more than 37 years’ experience practicing Dermatology and Internal Medicine and has been serving Southern Wisconsin in Oconomowoc and Watertown for more than 21 years.

Dr. Neils has been the medical director at Lasting SkinSolutions® for more than 10 years and is proud to be affiliated with such an advanced medical practice dedicated to advancing the standards of Wisconsin skin care, skin health and aesthetics.

Medical School:
University of Minnesota Medical School
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Graduated: 1974

Residency Hospitals:
Medical College Of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Year completed: 1979

Roger Williams General Hospital:
Providence, RI, USA
Year completed: 1976

Internship Hospital:
Roger Williams General Hospital
Providence, RI, USA
Year completed: 1975