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Mid-Term Fillers

Many mid-term fillers are used in the medium to deep layer of the skin in order to restore volume, contour andMid Term Fillers support to the architecture of the face. As we age our face deflates much like a balloon deflates causing folds and wrinkles in the skin. This is due to tissue breakdown in areas of repeated movement or with regression of the bony structure to our face. A little known fact is that the facial bones shrink as we age beginning at the age of 35!

These fillers generally address volume loss and therefore do not address superficial creases. Commonly treated areas are the: sunken, tired or puffy, restoring volume to sunken cheeks to restore the contours to maintain the heart-shaped face of youth, restoring the jawline to reduce jowls and neck sagging, and contouring to reduce down turning and sunkenness around the mouth. Examples of these fillers include Radiesse® (up to 18 months), Perlane® (up to 18 months) and Juvederm Plus® (up to 18 months).

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