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Airbrush Facelift®

Wrinkle Fillers Milwaukee WILasting SkinSolutions®’ Kim Schuchardt is the creator and pioneer of the AirBrush FaceLift®. The AirBrush FaceLift® is truly a proprietary technique and a creative approach to the application of the fillers. Much like Picasso creates a painting, not just anyone is able to create a masterpiece even if he wields the same tools. Many clients can be heard uttering…”you don’t trust just anyone with your face!”

The AirBrush FaceLift® portion of "Facial RestorationTM" utilizes a variety of short and long lasting fillers in a propietary technique that has revolutionized the non-surgical realm of treatments. Clients are able to use long-term fillers for cost-effective facial contouring as well as lifting that rival the lasting effect of conventional facial plastic surgery. Gone are the days that if you wanted a “perfect” or “permanent” result, you chose to have a face-lift.  Now you are able to achieve lasting results without the risks associated with surgery. The other advantage is the avoidance of the “pulled look of plastic surgery” or the risk of having your friends wonder what you’ve had done behind your back!  You can get the natural 3-dimensional results with the AirBrush Facelift® that lasts as long as a face-lift with the advent of a long lasting filler like Bellafill®, Sculptra®, and Silikon®!

Likewise, long-term fillers allow results to be “cumulative”, as opposed to “starting from square one” every year. This gives you the opportunity to begin to “build up” to the volume that their youthful face once had. Although you do continue to age, this helps slow that process.

Many people are concerned with the fact that too much volume will make them look puffy and overfilled. A surprising fact: five syringes equal the volume of one teaspoon. This volume spread over the whole face, in different areas of volume loss, cannot equate to a puffy overdone look.

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