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Facial Restore™

Facial Restore™ Explained -- If you’re a motivated individual looking to modify any facial features you’re unhappy with, the 4 R’s of Non-Surgical Facial Restoration are your guide to noninvasive, natural-looking solutions. These concepts are outlined below, and subsequent chapters elaborate on them. Familiarity with the 4 R’s can empower you to attain and wear the face you’ve always wanted.

RELAX™ overview

Relax: tense facial muscles not only give an impression of anger or anxiety, they also may permanently alter the natural smoothness of your face. Making a conscious effort to limit facial muscular tension is a key preventative measure.

RENEW ™ overview

Renew: The effects of sun, smoking, environmental exposure and aging can cause changes in the skin that make us appear unhealthy, unkempt or tired. Minimizing exposure to such toxins can also greatly prevent undesirable effects of aging.

RESTORE™ overview

Restore: As we age our facial fat and muscle depletes and descends, and bone support shrinks as well. Replenishing this volume can add many years back to your appearance.

RETAIN™ overview 

Retain: Proper skin treatments and care can maintain the new and improved look you create for yourself, and ultimately ensure your hard-earned facial makeover is longer-lasting and more natural looking than plastic surgery could ever be.

AirBrush FaceLift® overview

The AirBrush FaceLift®Technique Revealed

An exciting new approach with facial filler techniques has transformed our options for restoring the youthful face. Up until now, the conventional approach was to fill facial folds and thereby to combat wrinkles with minimal volume. The economic cost analysis with products producing short-term results inhibited the use of larger volumes.

Now, with the advent of safe fillers that can last up to 10 years, we are able to produce results that last as long as surgery and with more economical means! An exciting new technique called the AirBrush FaceLift™ encompasses a facial volume restoration procedure and utilizes a strategic analysis and specific injection method. This process involves replacing volume loss and adding dimension to re-create balance in all facial zones, to uniformly restore the topographical contours of the face. The technique is a minimally invasive injection procedure, which is tailored to each individual’s needs using a lifting and whisper-like tethering technique that restores the natural contours of the face in a grid-like fashion. A multi-directional pull, combined with filling in depressions in an airbrush manner, combats problem spots and produces an airbrushed result. This restores your very own natural and more harmonious look, and may take up to twenty years off of your appearance with minimal discomfort and downtime.