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The first 2 R’s, Relax with Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®, Renew with Lasers, address the surface of the skin.  Now we’re going to go deeper.  The third R, Restore goes beneath the surface of the skin to restore the support structure, which is the foundation of your face.

Over time, repeated expressions not only cause wrinkles in the skin, but also break down the tissue beneath the skin.  Imagine a corrugated box.  With repeated bending, you will see that the internal honeycomb structure collapses.  This is similar to what happens to the skin as we age.

Clients often come to Lasting SkinSolutions® asking for help with sagging and loose skin.  They intuitively feel that tightening the skin should be the only procedure needed to address the problem.  Laser resurfacing will reduce or eliminate wrinkles, but, for most people, will not adequately address the sagging of the support structures beneath the skin which come with aging.

Everyone understands this process when we are discussing a wrinkle, however it is more complicated when you try to understand what causes sagging skin.  Sagging skin is a result of the shrinking of the bony support structure beneath the skin.  This occurs in the jaw line, causing sagging of the neck as well as in the brow and cheek bone, resulting in hooding of the brows, down turning of the mouth and the appearance of jowls.

Imagine a tablecloth that has stretched out over time on a table. If we restore the cloth to its original length, but a leaf has been removed from the table, the cloth will still appear too long and sagging.  This is analogous to the bone support shrinking in relation to the skin.  You must address the bone loss as well as undergo skin tightening treatment to achieve the best results.

Often, dermal fillers are required beneath the wrinkle to restore the skin’s foundation.  New research has shown that bone, fat and tissue loss are more important factors in aging than once thought.  Therefore facial re-inflation and re-contouring to restore its three-dimensional structure can be achieved using a new and innovative skin restoration technique called the “AirBrush FaceLift®” developed by Lasting SkinSolutions®. Lasting SkinSolutions® utilizes the newest in dermal fillers to replenish the lost volume, as well as to reshape and re-contour the face for a more youthful appearance. 

The AirBrush FaceLiftTM Technique Revealed

  • An exciting new approach with facial filler techniques has transformed the way we think of our options for restoring the youthful face.  Up until now the standard approach was to fill facial folds to combat wrinkles with minimal volume.  The economic cost analysis with products producing short-term results inhibited the use of larger volumes.  Now with the advent of fillers that can last safely up to 10 years we are able to produce results that last as long as surgery!  With the development of an exciting new technique called the “AirBrush FaceLift®.”
  • The “AirBrush FaceLift®” method pioneered by Kim Schuchardt and is a non-surgical facial volume restoration technique utilizing a strategic analysis and specific injection technique. This process involves replacing volume loss and adding dimension to re-create balance in all facial zones, uniformly restoring the topographical contours of the face.
  • The technique is a minimally invasive injection technique which is a customized approach using a lifting and tethering technique for a multi-directional pull combined with a filling in of a depression with an airbrush type technique to combat facial folds or depressions thereby producing an airbrushing result. 

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