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Very often if you only utilize Botox® or Fillers alone, you don’t restore the health of your skin.  Modern laser treatments are a critical factor in getting the most complete and longest lasting results to your Facial Restoration

After addressing the underlying cause of facial wrinkles, and stabilizing the skin with Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®, cosmetic laser treatments will tighten the skin and thereby lift the brow and jawline, reduce pores, minimize brown spots and pigmentation, reduce redness as well as minimize acne and acne scarring, thus producing a lasting repair of the skin. 

Your skin is no different from any other organ in your body.  Yet no other part of you performs such vital bodily functions while also serving as a barrier against the outside world.  The natural cycle of skin restoration seems simple:  old skin cells are continually shed and replaced with new ones from lower layers of the skin that take their place.  These new cells produce skin as soft as the day you were born, but external and environmental factors such as wind and sun prematurely age these cells.

Nutritional factors can also affect the growing cycle of the skin in ways that can either help the skin or hurt it.  Add near constant bombardment by ultra violet light and other toxins to the equation and it becomes difficult for the skin to repair itself.  Other factors can include the uncontrollable genetic abnormalities that premature aging the skin – the impaired blood vessel function of diabetes, or autoimmune related skin disorders.  But take to heart; it’s all fixable to a large degree.  Like clockwork each decade will leave its own marks and depend the effects of those before it.  How deeply is determined by two variables: heredity and lifestyle.

The quality of your skin depends on many factors such as genetics, ethnicity, and environmental factors like sun exposure, pollutants, and chemical exposure, as well as the hormonal changes, which occur with aging.  These effects can be minimized or reversed with laser treatments which Lasting SkinSolutions™ customizes for you based on the quality of your skin.

Many people don’t realize that the effects of lasers can last anywhere from one to seven years depending on the skin’s age, quality and condition. Lasers are very often a critical factor to realizing optimal and long lasting results.  Imagine a wrinkle in your clothes.  Even if you lay the clothing flat, the crease remains until it is ironed out.  This is analogous to relaxing the wrinkle with Botox® or Dysport®, while the laser achieves the “ironing of the skin”.  Until you smooth and repair the skin with a laser treatment, you may not see the complete result you desire. 

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