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Very commonly patients come to Lasting SkinSolutions® desiring Facial Restore™ to look younger.  They desire wrinkles be minimized in areas on their face such as frown lines, crows-feet, and lines around their mouth.  However, we at Lasting SkinSolutions® have found that the fundamental cause of those wrinkles is repeated facial expressions and muscular contractions. Therefore, the desired results cannot be achieved with other treatments until the fundamental cause is addressed, which is muscular movement.

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                         Before Botox®                                         After Botox®


Madison Botox Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Botox is the non-surgical treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can be combined with laser or filler treatments for greater and lasting wrinkle correction ensuring this is the ideal answer for a healthy complexion. Treatments are necessary only once a year to maintain a youthful appearance.

Oconomowoc Dysport Facelift

Dysport is a locally injected bacterium which works in the same fashion as Botox. Dysport is used to restrict muscle contractions and spasms within the face preventing wrinkles from developing and deepening. The skin tightening treatment restores elasticity to achieve a healthy look.

Wisconsin Xeomin Treatment

Lesson or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles with Xeomin, a locally injected non-surgical treatment. This muscle relaxing medication alleviates lines caused from smiling, laughing, frowning and squinting. Xeomin can renew your appearance, leaving you with a fresh and healthy complexion.

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