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Neck Rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Jaw Line and Neck Restoration--the neck sagging is from your face! There is a natural way to lift and neck and jaw line. Restoring the structural support over your jawbone is critical to restoring the jaw line of your youth.

Jaw Line and Neck Restoration

Step 1:  Botox® may be used to soften and relax neck cords

Step 2:  Tighten the collagen of the skin of the lower face and neck, and smooth and repair the superficial layer of skin for a long-term repair of the skin

Step 3:  Volume is placed along the jaw line to replace the support structure to the jaw line and neck

Self Examination: 

Look into the mirror and see if there is sagging along the jaw line or see if your lower face is one unit extending to your neck in a flattened looking drape.

Look in the mirror and see if there are vertical cords in your neck when you clench your teeth. Platysma Muscles are causing visible vertical cords that can be minimized and softened with Botox®.