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Lip Augmentation

Non-Surgical Mouth Restoration-- the mouth shape should cause our gaze to look upward to the eyes. There is a natural way to soften and restore a youthful fullness to the lips and mouth.

It is important to find a provider that understands the importance of creating a firm border around the lips but NOT to produce a rolled edge that makes them appear like a duck.  The provider should be able to fill in or camouflage any sunkenness or puffiness around the mouth.

Lip Augmentation

Step 1:  Botox® may be used to soften and smooth lip lines, turn up the corners of the mouth making one appear visually softer and appear happier.

Step 2:  Tighten the collagen, smooth and repair the superficial layer of skin for a long-term repair of the skin

Step 3:  Volume is placed beneath the skin of the upper lip lines and beneath the corners of the mouth to further lift and upturn the mouth

Self Examination: 

Look into the mirror and see if the corner of your mouth is folded over or if there are vertical lip lines present.

Are your lips deflated or wrinkled?