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Get extreme makeover results without resorting to extreme measures with the Non-Surgical Facelift Package, only at Lasting SkinSolutions®.
Lasting SkinSolutions®' exclusive Non-Surgical AirBrush Facelift® Package can lift and tighten the skin, minimize or eliminate wrinkles and defects, add contour to and reshape facial features, remove blemishes and give the skin a clearer, smoother, more youthful look – without the pain, risk or downtime of plastic surgery... Read More
wrinkles with BOTOX.....Maintain your youthful good looks while growing older by relaxing repeated facial expressions and resultant wrinkles that cause you to portray an unintended angry or tired look. Read More
your skin WITH LASERS....lasers repair sun damaged and blemished and acne prone skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, tightens sagging skin and renew skin anywhere on the body without the risk or downtime of plastic surgery! Read More
and smooth wrinkles with FILLERS...put the finishing touches on youth by reshaping facial features, filling in fine lines and wrinkles and assymmetries with a natural 3D approach without surgery. Read More

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If you are considering cosmetic surgical procedures, stop what you’re doing and read this!

Get amazing, immediate, more natural looking results, which cost less and last longer without the risk, discomfort or downtime of plastic surgery. New and exciting non-invasive alternatives to plastic surgery are available right here, right now at Lasting SkinSolutions®, Wisconsin’s only provider of the patented non-surgical face-lift alternative, the “Airbrush FaceLift®”

This non-surgical technique is the face-lift of the future. Don’t despair when you look in the mirror. Let us show you how you can look great at any age – without surgical intervention. Lasting SkinSolutions® can make the dream a reality with advanced anti-aging procedures, which restore your youthful face – and your self-confidence - without going under the knife. If this sounds too good to be true, read on and become a believer in lasting non-surgical, anti-aging solutions at Lasting SkinSolutions®.

Recent advances in laser technology and the introduction of a new generation of long lasting dermal fillers have produced far better products than existed just a few years ago. It has changed the face of cosmetic dermatology, and it can change yours too. Patented by Lasting SkinSolutions® founder and Master Injector, Kim Schuchardt, the “Airbrush FaceLift®” is a minimally invasive injection technique utilizing strategically placed facial fillers to replace volume and restore the contours of the youthful face. The “Airbrush FaceLift ®” replaces lost volume using a lifting and tethering technique. Whisper-like tethers lift the face in a grid-like fashion to restore your own natural and harmonious look.

Thanks to exciting new scientific breakthroughs, injectable dermal fillers can now achieve surgical quality results in just a few minutes, while in the comfort of our beautiful spa-like but still medical setting. These new long lasting fillers last as long as a face-lift and can naturally and safely recreate the graceful contours of your face with no downtime and no surgery.